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Birds and Words {X}
Smalltown Tales - Scribophile and Texas Storytelling Festival
Saturday, February 17, 2024
We want to extend a special thanks to all the Scribophile reviewers of Smalltown Tales.  The advice on the overall gameplay, objectives, and design was very helpful in its fine-tuning.  Who better to help you with a game about storytelling, than the world's premier professional writers?

Also, we are excited to take Smalltown Tales to the Texas Story Telling Festival in Denton, Texas this March for further feedback and playtesting.  This is an awesome opportunity hone in on the fun factor we want Smalltown Tales to give.

Stay tuned!

Smalltown Tales - A Storytelling Game
Smalltown Tales - A Storytelling Game
Saturday, February 10, 2024
Writing well is an art and one that everyone can master.  Turning your thoughts, experiences, and emotions into words that capture a moment in time is joyous.  Sharing and collaborating with others during these moments builds a conversation and a story.  

Smalltown Tales is a storytelling card game, that was inspired by moments when you are either alone journaling or with others, when you want to share a smile and build a fictional story in a fun, dynamic, and adventurous plot-twist way.

Smalltown grew out of several other games I created over the past 5 years, each experimenting with how to express a situation, or events in history, or even avoid suspicion of murder.

At a recent Protospiel, someone gave me great advice "I love the storytelling aspect of your game. It's a genuine storytelling game that engaged me in the creative process of storytelling." They encouraged me to make that aspect of my game the "Star" of the show.  They were 100% correct.

I look forward to launching that in 2024 after attending the Texas Storytelling Festival and interviewing more storytellers, novelists, and professional writers. I have it on Tabletopia and will playtesting it with Break My Game groups.

I'd love your feedback on how I could make Smalltown Tales a game you'd turn to when you seek out your moment in time. 

[View the Prototype

Operaopoly V3.2
Operaopoly V3.2
Sunday, March 05, 2023
In Operaopoly players assume the role of wealthy Impresarios from the golden age of opera (c. 1800 - 1932); sponsoring operas from composers like Verdi, Wagner, and Bizet; and, performing their operas in Europe's iconic opera houses. Win by sponsoring and promoting composers, casting the most talented artists, and booking the best venues.

It offers new concepts in set collection and card placement.  Operaopoly comes with a mobile web app to get you started staight away.

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Waypoint On-Sale
Waypoint On-Sale
Friday, July 29, 2022
After several years of development, I am going to publish Waypoint via The Game Crafter 

Waypoint is a solo problem-solving game using mindfulness, visualization, and creative thinking strategies to help you achieve a meaningful goal or resolve a significant issue. 

Its randomized Awareness cards holistically span your beliefs about yourself, your environment, and your situation. Their prompts guide a creative thinking process, revealing new insights about causes and effects impacting your journey. Waypoint also includes Visualization cards that guide a visualization process for exposing things hidden or dismissed by your conscious mind.   Combining these problem-solving strategies helps you create a plan covering aspects of your life needing attention and a course of action for reaching your objectives.  Waypoint’s combined use of mindfulness, visualization, and creative thinking provides a deeper understanding of your obstacle’s root causes and instills confidence when formulating actions and implementing changes that are congruent with your authentic self. 

Finally, because goals and issues take time to achieve or resolve, Waypoint includes a self-correcting Journey Map you can use to chart your progress and identify opportunities for healing and improvement.

[ Click Here To Learn More About Waypoint ].

Saturday, April 23, 2022
Accusations is a storytelling card game where players are murder suspects using phrase cards to incriminate their opponents. Each player creates a story to earn points, introducing a murderer, the motive, and means of the murder. At the game's end, players tell their story and make an accusation of who they hope the police will believe is the murderer. For police to be swayed, the more plausible, consistent, and detailed their murder plot, the more points it earns.

It's fun weaving a web of evil intent, one that incriminates someone else.

Vote for Accusations within the word game challenge at The Game Crafter

Play Accusations during Protospiel Online April 2022. Click the "Interested In Playing" button on that site for being notified. Download the free Accusations Playsheet PDF on this site and have a writing instrument handy. Learn More

Add it to your wishlist.  Publishing date in May 2022.

Travelog Spain
Travelog Spain
Monday, January 24, 2022
In Travelog Spain, you are a travel writer exploring Spain, journaling your experiences for a new travel guide.  Travelog Publishing has flown you to Madrid and given you two weeks to provide a manuscript for a lucrative publishing contract. Its editors have requests they recommend you include in your book.

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I Blame Trump!
I Blame Trump!
Sunday, October 31, 2021
Left or Right, Serious or Satire?  You decide!

You are a talented Social Justice Warrior (SJW) competing to gain followers. Your posts earn you "lefty likes" and funding from liberal media outlets and Political Action Committees.  When you include their talking points in your posts, you gain more "likes".  Backers have given you access to Wōkipedia, an incredible resource whose ideas and phrases ignite your creativity and provide a safe space to perfect your posts before hitting submit.

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Birds and Words
Birds and Words
Sunday, April 04, 2021
Birds and Words is a sentence-building card game where you're an avid birdwatcher and volunteer at the magnificent Aves Nature Reserve. Your daily wildlife reports include where different bird species were seen, their number, food choices, and any nests or eggs. Well-written accounts give you the recognition you seek for landing future employment, perhaps someday becoming Aves' Director of Conservation.

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Curtains, Murder Mystery Theatre Production Crowdsale
Curtains, Murder Mystery Theatre Production Crowdsale
Friday, December 04, 2020
In Curtains, you’re a Pegasus Theatre murder mystery producer competing to bring the season's 1930s-40s vintage productions to the stage. Earn Victory Points for hiring cast and crew, revealing murder plots, opening night performances that dazzle the critics, and recruiting patrons to gain the title of Executive Producer.

A limited time Crowd Sale save up to +30% [ Learn More ]

Attend the free on-line game night on Dec 19th, 2020 at 7pm US Central via Discord [ Attend ]

View the video about Curtains [ Learn More ]

Christ Has Risen! game released
Christ Has Risen! game released
Saturday, March 21, 2020
Giving families a way to share the message of Easter in a fun and memorable way.
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Christ Is Born! Boardgame
Christ Is Born!  Boardgame
Sunday, October 13, 2019
In Christ Is Born! players take turns empowering the spiritual development of Mary, Joseph, and Wise men. Players move the story's characters in search of artifacts they need to participate in events from the gospels of Luke and Matthew.

The gameboard is a treasure hunt for artifacts from Bible events that players hide during game setup. Memory, surprise, and a growing understanding of how Mary, Joseph, and the Wise men participated in specific Bible events helps guide gameplay actions. Choosing who to empower and guide depends on their involvement in specific events and a unique Spiritual Mission that each player chooses.

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Hansel and Gretel Released
Hansel and Gretel Released
Sunday, June 30, 2019
Today we released Hansel & Gretel.  It was a joyous day.  Joyous because since December 2018 we have worked on the game, playtesting, updating, refining.  We're thrilled with the results.  It's a game suitable for ages 8+ and offers multiple opportunities for change and chance. 

Hansel and Gretels mMechanics are:

Hiding Treasures and Treats- This feature was inspired by the 1971 classic Spy board game "Super Spy".   We loved that game's hidden alarm feature as you move.  Similarly, movement of characters over the game board produces lots of supprises and requires some memory work to be a success.  In H&G during setup each player hides treasures the game's characters need to complete scenes or events from the story.   Each path card also contains one of four treats that when paired allow you to enable any characters special abilities.  This gives every play equal footing at starting the game, yet offers plenty of surprise as you move around on the game board seeking missing treasures needed to complete your "mission".

Influencing Characters - Influence character by enabling their true nature or traits.  Simply match a Virtues & Vices card to the character's mat card to influence them.   While on the surface this seems simple it has a depth of strategy.  To start, you need to consider the strength or value of the trait assigned.  If it is too low a value, others can replace your influence with a higher value and you might not be able to use the character to complete specific events.  The Wild Card lets you trump another players influence perhaps giving you sole control over a character at critical times in the story's juncture.

Special Abilities - when you collect two matching treats from characters seeking, you activate or enable their special abilities.  These abilities "hint" to the true nature or psyche of the character itself.  For example, if the Witch passes or land next to Hansel or Gretel, they are locked in her house until they roll a 5 or 6.  Gretel has the ability to move the Witch far away from her to effect an escape.  Father has the ability to take his children to the Far Forest when they can be abandoned.  Each special ability has tactical gameplay implementations.  I like to think of it as the Poison Ball from Croquet. 

Completing Events - You can complete an event when you are the first player to get a specific character to as specific location with a specific nature enabled and having a specific treasure.  Completing a character's takes some planning and strategy so you are the one to do it and not someone else.  The event cards help tell the original story's plot allowing players to learn it for the first time and to explore the complex characters and story line conflicts.

In Summary:

We think you'll be thrilled with our purchase because every turn is full of options and decisions that can change the outcome of the game, really empowering players to develop interesting strategies and requiring them to adjust to a competitor.

Finally, its playable by ages 8+.   While it says 12+ (due to legal and industry practices), we play tested it with a much younger audience, through the questions about the story, the actions of the characters, and fun strategies that can emerge.

We hope to near from you about the game and any suggestions for future revisions or add-on expansions.  We are happy to see other games with the theme become a success, it points to our intuition about the value of the Grimm Brother tales.  But make no mistake, Hansel & Gretel is a board game that takes you deep into the souls of the characters, makes it fun and new every time to tell the story, and does what board games do best - provide layers of depth and dimension to your decision process.

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Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots Version 1.5
Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots Version 1.5
Monday, November 26, 2018
Version 1.5 of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots is a tribute to the true power woman of the 16th Century.   Players must balance being a powerful and famous noble with being a member of the Privy Councel and Royal Court.   Released in time for the holiday's and the new movie being released December 7th.  We know you'll enjoy it. 

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Saturday, May 12, 2018
QUATTRO is a card game of competitive card placement and strategic resource management.  You'll place cards matching ranked categories against an ever-changing card layout.  Wild cards matching your selected color provide unique scoring opportunities.  QUATTRO requires keen resource management as you mark cards with tokens to create offensive plays that earn you points and prevent your opponents from scoring.  Every turn provides endless opportunities that dynamically change as new cards are added to the layout.  [ Learn More ]
World Premiere of Operaopoly™
World Premiere of Operaopoly™
Saturday, January 27, 2018
We are thrilled to announce the release of Operaopoly™.  Operaopoly introduces players to the art of Opera in fun and memorable ways.  The game requires keen resource management, anticipating your opponent's intent, and creatively weaves in facts about the composers of 1800 - 1914, their operas, and the majestic places where operas from the golden age premiered.  Players become familiar with a repertoire that is sure to peak curiosity and lead to new opera experience.  We trust that playing Operaopoly becomes a much-anticipated event for introducing Opera to a new generation - or perhaps, a whimsical warm-up before an enjoyable visit at your local Opera house.

More about the game....

Operaopoly™ is a card game that brings the world's most beloved operas to life.  You'll take on the role of an opera producer and Opera company director - contracting new operas from composers like Verdi, Wagner, and Bizet - bringing their operas to stage.  

It takes keen leadership, talented singers, booking the best venues, and thoughtful resource planning.  Once your sponsored opera is ready, assemble your cast and tour Europe and Russia in houses like La Scala, Milan and Opéra Garnier, Paris.  You'll scoring points for each performance, your knowledge of opera, and the contracts you have with the composer.

But choose wisely!

Will your German opera be well received in Paris?
Do other directors better understand the opera's storyline?
Have you cast the right talent for the opera's lead characters?
Did you underestimate an opera's appeal as it takes the world by storm?
Has another Opera company negotiated more lucrative contracts with your composer?

Operaopoly is easy to learn and appeals to a wide age range yet has plenty of strategy for outsmarting your opponents.  Earn the title of "Operaopoly Luminary" and win the game. Regardless of who wins, everyone will share fond memories from the golden age of opera - its composers, their operas, and the Opera houses where they first premiered.   Witty and whimsical - you'll be cheering "Bravo!" to your very last turn.

Operaopoly Deck (48 cards)
Opera House Deck (8 Cards)
Opera Playbill Poster Deck (8 Cards)
Opera Poster Card Stands (4)
Composer Cards (8 Composers) 
64 Trivia Questions 
Resource Tokens (24)
Two Page Rules (Included with Free Download)
Game Box 
Operaopoly Scoring Sheet (Free Download)
Operaopoly Party Invite and Envelope (Free Download)

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Martin Luther Game Play Examples
Martin Luther Game Play Examples
Saturday, October 14, 2017
Download the free Martin Luther Game Play examples document that follows two facetious players Bill and Angie on their journey to rule 16th Century Europe and their encounters with Charles V, Martin Luther, and the quaint city of Nuremberg!  [Download Now]

Release of Republic of Texas circa 1820's.
Release of Republic of Texas circa 1820's.
Saturday, September 02, 2017
Republic of Texas Has Been Released: A real homage to Texas’ past when cultures clashed to control an untamed land.

Its 1821 as Anglo-Texans, Mexicans, and Native American Indians clash to control the untamed lands of Texas. As a frontiersman and land baron you'll seek wealth and power - claiming land, growing your population and commerce, and providing your people protection.  Appoint strong leaders to check a growing movement for self-rule and independence - or face a rebellion.

But hold on to your hat!

Neighboring Empresarios, Alcade, and Indian Chiefs can turn hostile - launching political, economic, and military attacks aimed at removing you from power.  It gets darn right personal. You'll likely need to employ spies just to keep your enemies at bay.  A tumultuous chapter in Texas History has begun.
Whose side will you take within a Texan storm of ethnic conflict? 
Will you seek peace... or take what could be yours?
Can you keep a clear head when wronged... or will you be consumed by revenge?

Grab your rifle and find out by playing Republic of Texas.

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Thank You World View's of THEO
Thank You World View's of THEO
Saturday, May 06, 2017
Big "Thank You" to the World Views class of THEO in Plano, Texas for hosting the "Patriots and Providence" game event.  Everyone had a great time and games were given away to the winners.  Special thanks to Mrs. Bryant and her exceptional class of students.
Learning Guide Added to Martin Luther Life and Legacy
Learning Guide Added to Martin Luther Life and Legacy
Thursday, April 20, 2017
We have added an informative Learning or Educator's guide to Martin Luther life and legacy.  [Click Here] to download.  This learning guide provides a detailed background on the events, politicial and economic causes of the game.  Use this to add more meaning to game play and enhance your learning experience.
Martin Luther Life and Legacy, 500 Year Reformation Anniversary Edition On Sale Now
Martin Luther Life and Legacy, 500 Year Reformation Anniversary Edition On Sale Now
Sunday, February 12, 2017
We are very excited and proud of the latest version of Martin Luther Life and Legacy.  It is our best game ever and the experience it provides players is fantastic ~ fast paced, fun, informative, with opportunities and challenges down to the last play.  It is truly a balanced game that has the perfect mix of skill, luck, and strategy.  We believe you’ll love it.

Background on the New Edition’s Design:  We took the basic mechanics of the Patriots and Providence game and addressed complains about the difficulties of matching affiliations to events.  Now the game is even more balanced.  Making the Persona cards part of the game from the very beginning with the ability to influence and change the outcome of the game is brilliant. What a difference between the initial version 1 and 2!  Version 2 (officially called the 500 Year Anniversary Edition - in honor of the Reformation 1517 - 2017)  is more than 1 could ever be, bringing more history to light both from its time line of events (16 key events with descriptions) and from being exposed to the accomplishments of key leaders of the day.

Play testers loved it.  What a great feeling to publish such a fun, informative, and entertaining game!

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Patriots and Providence
Patriots and Providence
Monday, September 19, 2016
Its January 1774 and the crown is about to deal harshly with Boston's political protests in defiance of the Tea Act. Soon, you’ll be embroiled in the causes and conflicts of the American Revolution. Each player creates an alliance of colonies; rediscovers 16 historical events: Battle of Bunker Hill, Declaration of Independence, Battle of Long Island, and more; and learns the accomplishments of 14 key leaders: George Washington, Sir William Howe, Thomas Jefferson, Charles Lee, Benjamin Franklin and others. Players must choose wisely.

Will you support the King or fan the flames of Independence?
Will you form allies or take what could be yours?

Play mechanics are easy and face-paced. Players match American’s citizens and their resources to colonies for governing them. You must choose your cause and take a stand - ignite the sparks of revolution or eradicate the lawless, traitorous rebels. History comes alive in new and fascinating ways with this fast-paced, family-friendly game that's fun for novices and history buffs alike.

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Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots
Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots
Saturday, July 09, 2016
We just released a new historical card game that faithfully reenacts the heroic and tragic life of Mary Stuart. The game is played in two scoring rounds called Acts, each with its own cast of characters, scenes, and historical events. Game play is simple yet contains multiple layers of strategy as players take on the role of a Scottish Lord or Lady competing for territory, resources, and foreign alliances; vie to direct the relationships of those closest to Mary Stuart; and, recreate historical events for gaining points to win the game. 

Game play asks you to strike a balance between the role of a powerful landed noble managing historical estates such as Edinburgh and Sterling Castle while being a royal courtier drawing you into the political intrigue and personal relationships among the acts characters.  Mid-act, using the political influences of characters you direct and guide, advance an agenda of support or betrayal to further your cause. As the act comes to a close, you’ll compete to reenact historical scenes from Mary’s complex life and astounding story.   

If you are interested in this heroic and tragic historical figure then this game is a must.

Martin Luther, Life and Legacy
Martin Luther, Life and Legacy
Monday, February 29, 2016
We just released Martin Luther, Life and Legacy!

Its October 31, 1517 and a monk in Wittenberg, Germany posts 95 Theses on a church door asking for religious reform. Soon, you'll be embroiled in religious and territorial conflicts set within Germany and the Imperial Courts of the Holy Roman Empire. 

Martin Luther, Life and Legacy is a strategic card matching game where you act as a German Prince managing your realm's estates and its citizens. As you add estates, you score points and gain political powers that can be used for influencing those responsible for shaping 16th century history. 

As your principality grows and flourishes so will your interaction with the Papacy, Martin Luther, and other historical figures whose authority on matters of Faith, Intellect, Leadership, and Prosperity become powerful weapons one may yield against your opponents or you. You'll have important,strategic choices to make as players score points for recreating historical events and taking up the causes of Reformation, Catholicism, Free Cities, or Territorial subjugation.

The game is played in two Acts, each with its own cast of characters, scenes, and game play dynamics. Options abound as there are multiple paths to victory. Player's choices have far reaching consequences on game play and history. 

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Kingdom of Italy Released!
Kingdom of Italy Released!
Sunday, May 24, 2015
Dear Friends,

After 18 months of research, design, play testing, and development we are thrilled to release Kingdom of Italy (1861-1946).  This is truly a fantastic game focusing on the Social Revolution among Italy's dominate classes.  Players manage their own political faction struggling to dominate a newly unified Italy in a unique time when King, Pope, and Prime Minster each could have reshaped history.

Please take a look.  We invite you to own this unique, fun, and facinating game of power politics.  Its the perfect gift for lovers of Italian history, art, and culture!

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Farba! Game Released
Farba! Game Released
Saturday, May 23, 2015
Dear Friends,

Farba! was released this weekend.  Farba! is a fast-paced design challenge game where players compete to create the winning 3 x 3 tic-tac-toe color grid.  What makes this game so much fun is how simple it is to learn, yet contains several layers of strategies to garner points.

Flip, Focus, Form, Finish.  Farba!  a wonderful family game indeed.

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